Service Delivery Manager


Job description

Our partner is an international leading group in cargo services, servicing global clients at their logistical site in Liège LGG.
Today we are looking for a Service Delivery Manager who will take 100% responsibility of the full service package for our n°1 client.  You will engage with our customer, understanding their requirements, ensuring that our performance is optimal and keep communicating regularly with periodic formal reviews to ensure a healthy relationship is maintained.
You will also identify areas for improvement within the business to meet our customers’ needs.
As a creative problem solver you will steer the business units using long-term corrective actions and ensure that best practices are adopted.


The responsibilities of this role include:

1. General
* Ensure regular and proactive contact with customer base to ensure any service issues can be supported and problems rectified
* Identify non-performance issues for customers and provide solutions with the local/regional WFS teams to ensure the performance is improved and can be measured as such.
* Support strategic development of common standards including IT development, customer specific requests, reporting capability and corrective action and CAPA reporting to ensure service delivery is as effective as possible.
* Identify additional services provided (outside contract) and establish value.
* Identify extra services provided to airline customers that aren’t charged for (contract creep).
* Promote the use of CQC/CQC mobile internally and amongst airlines/forwarders.  Maintain the administrative tasks for CQC.

2. Customer Reports and Reviews
* Producing reports for the weekly, monthly and quarterly reviews for customers
* Follow up with departments on negative trends, outstanding issues and performance issues
* Establish underlying issues and identify corrective actions are robust and measurable for performance.  Share best practice in regional forums so all stations/countries can adopt.
*. Conduct meetings/calls with customers and issue formal minutes and action tracker.
*. Track longer term issues/projects/tasks to ensure all accountable parties are on time with their actions/feedback
* Manage, assess and implement measurable processes against customer SLAs and identify to the commercial team, high level non-measurable items and risk items for penalties/SLA default.
* Ensuring CAPA reports are correct, of the correct standard and implemented

3. Customer issues and standardisation
* Address individual issues and irregularities from customers on a case by case basis
* Ensure timely response to customers, either directly or commitment from the station / region concerned
* Ensure underlying causal factors are addressed and proceduralised and not just a ‘quick fix’ approach
* Ensure where possible that all SLA commitments are measurable and system supported to ensure automatic overview is possible
* Evaluate Cargo IQ performance and ensure offset are kept updated and aligned with SLA
* Log and follow up on outstanding actions
*.Meet with station/country management of WFS to share customer feedback
* Enforce commonality of ‘best practice’ when visiting stations and management team
*.Share ‘best practice’ with all stations to ensure alignment on key issues
* Lead projects and change management programs in service delivery area
* Ensure any technological developments from customers are reported internally to ensure we work towards and maintain a leading edge approach.

4. Operational Functions
* Oversee the operational requirements of specific airlines in your remit.
* Identify, introduce and oversee robust procedures/SOPs to ensure customer services are protected.
* Report any bad practices of the airline – late deliveries, late changes to build up, unnecessary requests for additional tasks, etc.
*.Identify business/safety risks to the business and report internally (and to the customer after internal discussions).
*.Identify inbound flight issues/errors and a systemic way of reporting them – FFM discrepancies, damaged cargo, short shipments, over carried, etc
* Identify upper and lower limits of airline ULD stock levels appropriate to the schedule.
*.Ensure ULD stocks are maintained and identify risks/imbalances or other ULD issues (overstock, agents taking too long to return, lost to trucking/baggage etc).
* For freighter operators, ensure oversight of On Time Performance and where our operation may be accountable for delays

Experience & competences

• French/English (Knowledge of Chinese language is not a must, but a plus)
• Airline industry experience
• Experience as an airline/handling manager at a regional/global level
• Procedures and manuals management knowledge
• Knowledge of techniques and tools
• Cargo/handling experience though not essential
• Experience in risk management and/or change management
• Proficiency in Microsoft Excel a must have
• Knowledge of Power BI preferable
• Critical thinking and problem solving
• Excellent decision-making and leadership capabilities
• Conflict resolution experience
• Adaptability & Flexible